About You

Is this you?

You’re responsible for developing the people and talent in your organisation. It’s a big, complex job, but you love it. Helping people discover their strengths, forge stronger relationships, and step up to lead is rewarding. It’s why you do what you do.

Impactful programmes

And you know the impact all this focused people power could have on your organisation’s bottom line too. The potential of your people is a huge responsibility, and you want to be able to deliver brilliant learning and development activities that are up to the task.

Meaningful experiences

You’ve been doing this for long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. You’ve had enough dull conference room experiences to know they’re not the places for inspiration and big breakthroughs. You love the idea of getting the team away to breathe some fresh air. But you’ve also seen too many offsites – from the tough & muddy to the plainly ridiculous – that promise a lot, but don’t make a lasting impact. You want to deliver learning and development that is meaningful, memorable and momentum-changing.

Do it differently

We take leaders and teams to amazing places and facilitate programmes and experiences that move hearts, minds, and souls. We’ll help you develop self-aware, switched-on leaders that deliver on ambitious organisational goals.

For amazing organisations not afraid to step out and do things differently.

"Superbly creative, original and professionally executed with good humour. It did exactly what was needed for this team at its current early stage of maturity. It has started to give them a language and a set of principles that we can build on.”

Chief Operating Officer, Financial Services